Give Your Restaurant Business a Quick Digital Boost, Really Quick
Web platform has enabled businesses to reach out to customers more effectively and generate greater revenues in lesser period of time. Creating a web presence not only widens your visibility but also makes your offerings more accessible to potential customers. This is especially true for restaurants as more and more people are either ordering food online through food ordering systems and apps or using internet to find new places to eat. Hence, if your restaurant or group of restaurants does not have a powerful web presence, you are definitely losing out on growth opportunities as well as new-age restaurant goers.

If you want to revamp your existing restaurant website or are looking to create an all-new website for your restaurant business, look no further! With PHP Restaurant Script online food ordering software, you can have your restaurant website up and running in no time. Whether you want to manage a single restaurant, an entire food chain or even a diversified group of restaurants, our software will help you manage all your digital business needs in an efficient and impressive manner. It’s time to say ‘Hi!’ to increased sales, happier customers and business growth.

Why Choose Our Restaurant Script?

Restaurant Script online food ordering software has been specifically designed for restaurants. Thus it entails everything that a restaurant might need- online food ordering facility, photo galleries of food and restaurant interiors, customer feedback section, readiness for mobile platforms, multi-language support, attractive themes and lots more. All this comes with an intuitive and easy-to-adapt user interface, fast performance and competitive price. Also, you don’t have to wait for months or even days to see your restaurant website go live; our simple installation process will have your website customer-ready within a day! What’s more, we provide complete pre and post sales customer support to ensure that our clients are able to enjoy the benefits of our online restaurant management system software without any hitch. Listed below are the exclusive features of our online food ordering script software.

Mobile Ready Software

With more and more customers making orders and purchases via their smartphones and tablets, it has become inevitable for businesses to ensure that their websites support mobile platforms seamlessly. With our food ordering system, you can have a mobile-ready restaurant menu website that will be accessible to customers on their mobile devices. The mobile UI has been kept neat and pleasant in order to optimize user experience and promote quicker sales. The mobile template also works for admins which means that you can run your restaurant business even when you are on the go!

Online Food Ordering:
The most important part of any online restaurant software is online food ordering. Our PHP restaurant script is embedded with food ordering support. Thus, your customers need not always knock your doors to place orders and can order food through your website. With more and more people opting for home deliveries and takeaways, online food ordering facility will give a huge boost to your sales. If you have a chain of restaurants, our online food ordering script will make sure that the order is automatically placed at the nearest outlet.

Unmatched Menu and Gallery Management
Our PHP food menu script allows users to create as many menus as they want. That means that apart from the standard menus, you can also have menus for special occasions and festivals. Moreover, if you want to have separate menus for different cuisines, you can do that too! Create and manage your menus as you please.

With our easy gallery management facility, you can create and manage photo and video galleries of your food preparations and restaurant interiors easily. After all, nothing attracts customers more than pictures of mouthwatering food and stunning interiors.

User Friendly Administration and Control
It doesn’t matter whether you are a tech savvy person or not; our online food ordering software comes with an intuitive and neat UI which allows you, the admin, to have complete control over your website. You can view latest stats, analyze customer feedback, load new menus, pictures and videos and manage your restaurant business in an efficient manner through the admin panel. We promise you that you will never have to scratch your head while using our restaurant management system.

Advertisement Support:
If you are an individual restaurant that is featured on the website containing several restaurants, you can place your advertisements within the website to attract customers towards your offerings.

Customer Feedback Support
Customer feedback is extremely essential, especially in the food business where it’s important that the customers feel thoroughly satisfied and pleased with what they are getting or else, they will turn their backs and search for other options (which are many, by the way). Our online restaurant software allows customers to leave feedback which can be analyzed by admins to improve their offerings and serve their clients better.

Our application can be updated easily:
Unlike printed materials, websites can be changed on a minute by minute basis if needed. The expensive production costs of video, and the editing time needed for a good advertisement, make websites even more attractive. Plus, video can be provided on a website, and printed materials can be made available for instant download on a website.

We Are Here for You!
We provide complete support to our clients be it in terms of software installation, customization or management. Our support team will make sure that the software is optimized to meet your needs and you are well acquainted with its capabilities and options. If you ever encounter any trouble or have a doubt, you can reach out to us and we will get back to you at the earliest.

There are a lot more benefits to having this web portal script than what we have listed here. We would encourage you to contact for more specific benefits that an effective web portal system can offer you. If you already have a website design that is not meeting your expectations, or you are not getting the benefits that you should be getting, why don't you?